Hello world!

I decided to write this blog to bring to people’s attention the lies being spread by “thetruth” in television ads. Thetruth is a fanatical anti-smoking/anti-tobacco group spreading lies and half truths about tobacco in an effort to eliminate smoking and tobacco use.

The ad I saw just a few minutes ago made the claim that only 8% of teens smoke now and because of this we can stop tobacco use in this generation. Okay, if that percentage is true does it mean that teens are more health conscious than previous generations? I think not. IF cigarette smoking is down, did they figure in the e-cigs or cigars? What about the fact that hookah use is up to 22.9% among 12th graders?

The second issue is this: what about drugs? If they are right and only 8% of teens smoke, what about the fact that 27.2% of teens use illicit drugs? Is thetruth creating a drug (tobacco is a drug) free generation? The answwer is a resounding no! The use of alcohol among 12th graders is at 37.4%. Is smoking worse than drinking? How many teenage smokers drive into the wrong lane of traffic and kill someone else? How often does teenage drinking and driving result in innocent deaths?

Have you noticed that since the anti-smoking rampage began, you no longer see anti-drug messages on television? Is smoking worse that drug addiction? Would you rather see people smoking LEGAL cigarettes or shooting up ILLEGAL drugs?

People need to remember…smoking is legal. It is not a crime and shouldn’t be looked at as such. People who smoke shouldn’t be vilified and labeled as “bad” people. Children is school shouldn’t be told that if thier parents smoke then they are drug addicts.

I, for one, am getting tired of seeing the signs at local North Carolina schools with the phrase “Welcome to Our Tobacco Free Campus”. They should remember it was tobacco that not only built most of the schools here, but built most of the rest of the state as well.

I’ve ranted enough for now. I think I’ll go have a smoke!